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Project: Tube Tremolo Pedal

Tube Tremolo Pedal
Tube Tremolo Pedal

12AU6 LFO wiggles the bias of the classic RCA 12AU7 gain stage with cathode follower. The LED biased 12AU6 lets the indicator blink in time with the trem. Substitute a 0.22uf cap for the gain stage cathode bypass if you want this thing to play well into a guitar amp.

Project Items:
DescriptionSKUItem IDQty
Capacitor - 350V, Axial Lead Electrolytic, 22 µFC-ET22-3500015892
Capacitor - 160V, Axial Lead Electrolytic, 220 µFC-ET220-1600015421
Capacitor - 250V, 47µF, Axial Lead Electrolytic, C-ET47-2500015801
Capacitor - 16V, 4700µF, Axial Lead Electrolytic, C-ET4700-160015871
Capacitor - 630V, Polypropylene, radial leads, .022 µFC-LD022-6300049494
Capacitor - 630V, Polypropylene, radial leads, .047 µFC-LD047-6300049492
Capacitor - 630V, Polypropylene, radial leads, .47 µFC-LD47-6300049492
Capacitor - 400V, 716P Series, Polypropylene, .22 µFC-PD22-4000049531
Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular, 1.5 µFC-T1D5-6300049591
Fuse - Fast-Blow, 125 or 250V, Miniature, 5mm x 20mm, 0.5 AmpsF-ZGMA-FD50095651
Chassis Box - Hammond, Unpainted Aluminum, 7.38" x 4.70" x 2.05", P-H1590D0024131
Footswitch - Quad Pole, Double Throw (4PDT), Black, 12 Pins, P-H410-A0398151
Switch - Carling, Toggle, SPST, Replacement for Fender®, P-H4950025731
Switch - Carling, Mini Toggle, SPDT, 2 Position, P-H5400026111
LED Holder - 3mm, Red LED, P-L4000051331
Bezel with LED Lamp - 5mm, Red with holder, P-L5000398141
Diode - 1A 600V, P-Q1N40050032028
Receptacle - AC, Mates with S-W123 & S-W124 with Fuse Holder, P-SP2-5000033271
Socket - 7 Pin, Miniature, Micalex, Bottom Mount, P-ST7-201MXB0050302
Socket - Belton, 9 Pin, Miniature, Top Mount, P-ST9-6000033981
Transformer - Power, 125 V, 15 mA, P-T4420035731
Resistors - .5W, Carbon Film, 220 kΩR-A220K0036471
Resistors - .5W, Carbon Film, 27 kΩR-A27K0036471
Resistors - .5W, Carbon Film, 470 kΩR-A470K0036471
Resistors - .5W, Carbon Film, 5.6 kΩR-A5D6K0036471
Resistors - 1W, Carbon Film, 2.2 kΩR-B2D2K0036491
Potentiometer - Bourns, Audio, Knurled Shaft, Mini, 500 kΩR-VBM-500KA0038281
Potentiometer - Bourns, Linear, Knurled Shaft, Mini, 500 kΩR-VBM-500KL0107822
Vacuum Tube - 12AU6, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off, T-12AU60044321
Vacuum Tube - 12AU7/ECC82, JJ Electronics, RegularT-12AU7-JJ0044371
Jack - Switchcraft, 1/4", Mono 2-Conductor, shunt tip, W-SC-12A0049132
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