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Project: DA 10

Single ended amp with 12AX7pre and 6L6 or EL34 output tube. 1 X 12 Combo or Head

Project Items:
DescriptionSKUItem IDQty
Shirt - Stonewash Green with 6L6 Diagram, X LargeG-870XL0018111
Grommet - Rubber for chassis, 5/16"P-G7170020721
Handle - Leather, Brown, Yellow Stitching, Gold Hardware, P-H3340410661
Switch - Carling, Toggle, SPDT, 2 Position, for Fender®, P-H4940025721
Switch - Carling, Toggle, SPST, Replacement for Fender®, P-H4950025732
Knob - Chicken Head, Raised, CreamP-K302C0027942
Jewel - Fender Style, PurpleP-L1210029551
Lamp - Fender Style, Premium Pilot Assembly, P-L124-P0029641
Receptacle - for power cord, P-SP2-1060033261
Socket - 8 pin octal, 1" with bracket, P-ST8-8070033721
Socket - 9 pin miniature, ceramic, P-ST9-5110033971
Resistors - .5W, Carbon Film, 100 kΩR-A100K0036471
Resistors - .5W, Carbon Film, 1.5 kΩR-A1D5K0036471
Resistors - 2W, Metal Oxide, Power, 10 kΩR-F10K0036531
Resistors - 2W, Metal Oxide, Power, 390 ΩR-F3900036531
Resistors - 2W, Metal Oxide, Power, 470 ΩR-F4700036531
Potentiometer - Alpha, Audio, 3/8" Bushing, 1 MΩR-V38-1MA0396982
Potentiometer - Alpha, Linear, 3/8" Bushing, 1 MΩR-V38-1ML0037501
Grill Cloth - Beige/Brown, Gold Stripe, 59" Wide, S-G5030398051
Standoff - #6-32, Male-Female, Aluminum, 1/2"S-H1700100702
Fuse Holder - for Fender®, 3AG-Type, S-H2010041241
Tool - Helping Hand with Magnifier, 65mm, 2.5X, S-THHM0050521
Vacuum Tube - 12AX7/ECC83, Mullard, Made in Russia, T-12AX7-MUL0044491
Vacuum Tube - 12AX7, Tung-Sol Reissue, RegularT-12AX7-TUNG0044541
Vacuum Tube - 6L6GC STR, Tung-Sol Reissue, T-6L6GC-STR-T0047411
Vacuum Tube - ECC803/12AX7, JJ Electronics, Long Plate, RegularT-ECC803-S-JJ0048331
Jack - Switchcraft, ¼", Mono 2-Conductor, open circuit, W-SC-110049113
Jack - Switchcraft, 1/4", Mono 2-Conductor, shunt tip, W-SC-12A0049132
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