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Vacuum Tube - 7591A, Beam Power Amplifier

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New-Old-Stock (NOS) tube. The 7591A is a glass octal beam power pentode designed for use as an audio frequency power output tube. The tube has a high power sensitivity and high efficiency and is especially designed for applications where high power output is required. Plate construction with special heavy material of high heat conductivity will allow the use of the tube at a higher plate dissipation than is possible with conventional plates. A power output as high as 45 watts with 1.5% total harmonic distortion is available in push-pull Class AB1 application with 450 volt plate voltage and 400 screen voltage. The 7591 has controlled zero-bias plate and screen currents and features a special low-loss base.

Measurement from base to the top of the glass (pins not included in measurement): 2.75"*

*Some NOS 7591A tubes have been measured at this height. Due to variations in the manufacturing process of NOS tube brands, some NOS 7591As may not match this number exactly.

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