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Tube Set - 12AX7 Sampler

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Tired of all the hullabaloo when it comes to vacuum tubes? The 12AX7 is the most widely used tube today and is also one of the most important components in your tube amp's tone. The 12AX7 Sampler Set (includes 10 different tubes) allows you to try the most popular choices today and see for your self what the differences are. Preamp tubes can be easily swapped in and out of your amp without the need for biasing. We reserve the right to substitute any of these tubes with one of equal value based on availability.

  • 12AX7-S-JJ: JJ Brand. Our most popular 12AX7.
  • ECC803-S-JJ: JJ Brand. Long Plate 12AX7. This version has higher gain than standard 12AX7s.
  • 12AX7 Tung Sol Reissue: Tung Sol Reissue 12AX7 tube, Made in Russia
  • 12AX7B China: China 12AX7, high grade version
  • 12AX7-PS-TAD: Tube Amp Doctor Brand. Premium Selected for the highest quality possible.
  • 12AX7-C-GT: Groove Tubes Brand. Works well in Marshalls, Fenders and other guitar amps.
  • 12AX7A-C5 Ruby: Ruby Brand. Sorted and selected for high quality.
  • 12AX7-EH: Electro-Harmonix Brand. Popular tubes used in many current production amps.
  • 12AX7WA Sovtek: Sovtek Brand. Popular tubes used in many current production amps.
  • 12AX7/ECC83 Mullard: Mullard Reissue 12AX7, Made in Russia

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