Transistor - BC108C, TO-18 case, NPN

Transistor - BC108C, TO-18 case, NPN

Transistor - BC108C, TO-18 case, NPN image 1
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BC108C NPN silicon transistors. The BC108C is a popular NPN choice for fuzz pedals and other effects such as vintage silicon Fuzz Face builds and Big Muff clones.

  • NPN polarity
  • Collector emitter breakdown voltage 25V
  • Collector base breakdown voltage 30V
  • Collector current 200mA
  • Power 0.75W
  • Transition frequency 150MHz
  • TO-18 case
  • Weight 0.35g
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Product Measurements by Type
Collector Base Voltage30 V
Collector Current Continuous200 mA
Collector Cutoff Current<15 nA
Collector Emitter Voltage>25 V
DC Current Gain420-800
Emitter Base Voltage>5 V
Input Impedance6.0-15 KΩ
Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range- 65 to +200 ºC
Output Admittance110 umhos max.
Power Dissipation @ Ta=25ºC300 mW
Power Dissipation @ Tc=25ºC750 mW
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions0.472 in. × 0.221 in. × 0.221 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.003 lbs.

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