Transistor - AS395H, Matched Pair, Alfa, TO5-8 case, PNP

Transistor - AS395H, Matched Pair, Alfa, TO5-8 case, PNP

Transistor - AS395H, Matched Pair, Alfa, TO5-8 case, PNP image 1
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The AS395 dual monolithic PNP transistor offers excellent parametric matching and high frequency performance. Low noise characteristics (1 nV/√Hz typ @ 1 kHz), high bandwidth (190 MHz typical), and low offset voltage (100 µV max), makes the AS395 an excellent choice for demanding preamplifier applications.Tight current gain matching (3% max mismatch) and high current gain (100 min), over a wide range of collector current, makes the AS395 an excellent choice for current mirrors. A low value of bulk resistance makes the AS395 an ideal component for applications requiring accurate logarithmic conformance.

To ensure the long-term stability of the matching parameters, internal protection diodes across the base-emitter junction clamp any reverse base-emitter junction potential. This prevents a base-emitter breakdown condition which can result in degradation of gain and matching performance due to excessive breakdown current.

The AS395H are available in the 8-pin metal can TO5-8


  • Dual matched PNP transistor
  • Low offset voltage: 100 µV max
  • Low noise: 1 nV/√Hz @ 1 kHz typ
  • High gain: 100 min
  • High gain bandwidth: 190 MHz typ
  • Tight gain matching: 3% max
  • Excellent logarithmic conformance
Item ID:
ALFA RPAR Part Number:
Matched Pair:
Max. Collector-Base Voltage (BVCBO)36 V
Max. Collector-Collector Voltage (BVCC)36 V
Max. Collector-Emitter Voltage (BVCEO)36 V
Max. Collector Current (IC)20 mA
Max. Emitter-Emitter Voltage (BVEE)36 V
Max. Emitter Current (IE)20 mA
Typ. Collector Saturation Voltage0.1 V
Typ. Current Gain (IC = 1 mA)165
Typ. Current Gain (IC = 10 µA)120
Typ. Current Gain (IC = 100 µA)150
Typ. Current Gain Matching0.5%
Typ. Leakage Current200 pA
Typ. Offset Current Collector-Base6 nA
Typ. Offset Voltage40 µV
Typ. Offset Voltage Change vs.Collector Current12 µV
Typ. Offset Voltage Change vs.Collector Voltage11 µV
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions0.623 in. × 0.368 in. × 0.368 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.0032 lbs.
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