Footswitch - ST Professional, 4PST, Latching, Solder Lugs
Heavy duty 4PST latching switch made in Italy by ST Professional. The body is made of PBT that is riveted to the bushing plate for a sturdy construction. The actuation force is lighter than similar Carling switches and provides tactile and audible feedback so the switching action is apparent to the user. This version features standard solder lugs. This style of footswitch is similar to the vintage footswitches found in the Schaller Fuzz, some Tonebender models, and others.
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Switch - Black Bat, Toggle, 4PST, Vintage Marshall Style, Solder Lugs
Black bat toggle switches with a similar style to the Arrow and Torotor switches found on many vintage Marshall amps. This 4PST switch is rated for 230VAC, 4.5A. Includes one hex nut and one knurled nut.
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