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Resistor Kit - .5W, Carbon Composition, 5 of Each Value

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Carbon composition resistors are made by mixing carbon particles with a binder molded into a cylindrical shaped, and then baked. Resistance decreases as temperature increases. Resistance is more prone to drifting than with other types. Standard 'classic' resistor.

  • 1/2" watt
  • -55° C to 125° C operating range
  • 350 V working, 700 V overload
  • Low inductance
  • Low capacitance
  • Better pulse endurance characteristics than film type resistors
  • EIA color coded
Resistance Values (5 each)
2.2 2.7
6.8 8.2 10
20 27 36 47
68 82 100
120 150 180 220
270 330 360 390 470
510 620 680 750 820
1k 1.2k 1.5k 1.8k
2.2k 2.4k 2.7k 3.3k 3.6k
4.7k 5.1k 5.6k 6.2k 6.8k
7.5k 8.2k 10k 12k 15k
20k 22k 27k 33k 39k
47k 51k 56k 62k 68k
82k 100k 110k 120k 150k
200k 220k 240k 270k 330k
390k 470k 510k 620k 680k
750k 820k 1M 1.2M 1.5M
2.7M 3.3M 4.7M
5.6M 6.8M 8.2M
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