Op-Amp - TL082, Dual, Wide-Bandwidth, JFET Input, 8-Pin DIP

Op-Amp - TL082, Dual, Wide-Bandwidth, JFET Input, 8-Pin DIP

Op-Amp - TL082, Dual, Wide-Bandwidth, JFET Input, 8-Pin DIP image 1
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Dual wide-bandwidth TL082 opamps in an 8-pin DIP package. The TL082 offers a high input impedance and 4MHz bandwidth.

The TL08xx JFET-input operational amplifier family is designed to offer a wider selection than any previously developed operational amplifier family. Each of these JFET-input operational amplifiers incorporates well-matched, high-voltage JFET and bipolar transistors in a monolithic integrated circuit. The devices feature high slew rates, low input bias and offset currents, and low offset-voltage temperature coefficient.

Amplifier to Amplifier Coupling-120dB
Equivalent Input Noise Current0.01pA/√Hz
Equivalent Input Noise Voltage25nV/√Hz
Gain Bandwidth Product4MHz
Input Resistance10^12 Ω
Max Differential Input Voltage±30V
Max Input Bias Current400pA
Max Input Offset Current200pA
Max Input Offset Voltage15mV
Max Input Voltage Range±15V
Max Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 Seconds)260°C
Max Operating Temperature Range0°C to +70°C
Max Supply Current5.6mA
Max Supply Voltage±18V
Min Common-Mode Rejection Ratio70dB
Min Input Common-Mode Voltage±11V
Min Large Signal Voltage Gain25V/mV
Min Output Voltage Swing±12V
Min Slew Rate8V/μs
Min Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio70dB
Output Short Circuit DurationContinuous
Storage Temperature Range-65°C to +150°C
Total Harmonic Distortion<0.02%
Typical Common-Mode Rejection Ratio100dB
Typical Input Bias Current50pA
Typical Input Common-Mode Voltage+15V
Typical Input Offset Current25pA
Typical Input Offset Voltage5mV
Typical Large Signal Voltage Gain100V/mV
Typical Output Voltage Swing±13.5V
Typical Slew Rate13V/μs
Typical Supply Current3.6mA
Typical Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio100dB
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions0.365 in. × 0.325 in. × 0.285 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.001 lbs.

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