Op-Amp - NJM4558, Dual high-gain, 8-Pin DIP

Op-Amp - NJM4558, Dual high-gain, 8-Pin DIP

Op-Amp - NJM4558, Dual high-gain, 8-Pin DIP image 1
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Dual Operational Amplifier. The NJM4558 (JRC4558) integrated circuit is a dual high-gain operational amplifier internally compensated and constructed on a single silicon chip using an advanced epitaxial process. Combining the features of the NJM741 with the close parameter matching and tracking of a dual device on a monolithic chip results in unique performance characteristics. Excellent channel separation allows the use of the dual device in single NJM741 operational amplifier applications providing density. It is especially well suited for applications in differential-in, differential-out as well as in potentiometric amplifiers and where gain and phase matched channels are mandatory.


  • Operating Voltage ( ±4V~±18V )
  • High Voltage Gain ( 100dB typ. )
  • High Input Resistance ( 5MΩ typ. )
  • Bipolar Technology
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General Integrated Circuits
RoHS Compliant
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (cmr)70 dB min, 90 dB typical
Differential Input Voltage (VID)± 30 V
Equivalent Input Noise Voltage (VNI)1.4 μVrms
Gain Bandwidth Product (gbw)3 MHz
High Input Resistance5 MΩ typical
High Voltage Gain100 dB typical
Input Bias Current (IB)≤ 500 nA, 25 nA typical
Input Common Mode Voltage Range (VICM)± 12 V min, 14 V typical
Input Offset Current (IIO)≤ 200 nA, 5 nA typical
Input Offset Voltage (VIO)≤ 6 mV, 0.5 mV typical
Input Resistance (RIN)≥ 0.3 MΩ, 5 MΩ typical
Input Voltage (Vin)± 15 V
Large Signal Voltage Gain (AV)≥ 86 dB, 100 dB typical
Operating Temperature (TJ)-40°C to 85°C
Operating Voltage±4 V ~ ±18 V
Output Voltage Swing 1, maximum (VOM1)± 12 V min, ± 14 V typical
Output Voltage Swing 2, maximum (VOM2)± 10 V min, ± 13 V typical
Power Dissipation (PD)500 W
Slew Rate (sr)1 V/μs
Supply Voltage (V+)± 18 V
Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio (svr)≥ 76.5 dB, 90 dB typical
storage temperature (Tstg)-40°C to 125°C
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions0.4 in. × 0.4 in. × 0.4 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.0037 lbs.

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