Knob - Phenolic, Set Screw, Retro Pointer
High quality phenolic pointer knob with a vintage design. The retro pointer has a thick band that extends above the base allowing for easy manipulation of the knob making it a great option for rotary controls and switches. This solid phenolic knob has an infilled indicator line with a decorative diamond shaped top. Fits 0.25” (6.35mm) shafts with set screw and brass insert. This knob pairs perfectly with the smaller P-K356 knob.
  • Height: 0.85 in.
  • Length: 1.63 in.
  • Fits ¼" shaft with set screw
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Knob - Gretsch, "G" with Arrow logo, set screw
Colors Available:
"G" with arrow, package of 4. Gretsch originally used these knobs on guitars from 1957 - 1967. These knobs are designed to fit 1/4" solid shaft pots.
package of 4
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