Integrated Circuit - SN74LS175, Quadruple D-Type Flip-Flops, 16-pin DIP

Integrated Circuit - SN74LS175, Quadruple D-Type Flip-Flops, 16-pin DIP

Texas Instruments
Integrated Circuit - SN74LS175, Quadruple D-Type Flip-Flops, 16-pin DIP image 1
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This quad flip flop is a part used in our Relay True Bypass Switching Part 2: Momentary and Soft Touch Switches article. To read the full article and learn about a circuit for relay switching in stomp box effects, please see the following link.

These monolithic, positive-edge-triggered flip-flops utilize TTL circuitry to implement D-type flip-flop logic. All have a direct clear input, and the '175, 'LS175, and 'S175 feature complementary outputs from each flip-flop.

Information at the D inputs meeting the setup time requirements is transferred to the Q outputs on the positive-going edge of the clock pulse. Clock triggering occurs at a particular voltage level and is not directly related to the transition time of the positive-going pulse. When the clock input is at either the high or low level, the D input signal has no effect at the output.

These circuits are fully compatible for use with most TTL circuits.


  • Contain Four Flip-Flops with Double-Rail Outputs
  • Three Performance Ranges Offered: See Table Lower Right
  • Buffered Clock and Direct Clear Inputs
  • Individual Data Input to Each Flip-Flop
  • Applications include:
  • Buffer/Storage Registers
  • Shift Registers
  • Pattern Generators
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Texas Instruments
Product Measurements by Type
Max. Input Voltage7V
Max. Operating Temperature Range0°C-70°C
Max. Supply Voltage7V
Recommended Max. Clock Frequency30MHz
Recommended Max. High Level Output Current-400uA
Recommended Max. Low Level Output Current8mA
Recommended Min. Clear inactive-state Setup Time25ns
Recommended Min. Data Hold Time5ns
Recommended Min. Data Input Setup Time20ns
Recommended Min. width of clock20ns
Recommended Supply Voltage5V
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions0.768 in. × 0.356 in. × 0.281 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.002 lbs.
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