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Diode - 1N34A Germanium, Sold individually

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A semiconductor device which passes current in the forward direction(from anode to cathode), and blocks current in the opposite direction.

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25° C)
  Symbol Value
Peak Reverse Voltage VRM 45 V
Reverse Voltage DC VR 20 V
Peak Forward Current IFM 150 mA
Average Rectified Output Current IO 50 mA
Surge Forward Current Isurge 500 mA
Junction Temperature TI 75 °C
Storage Temperature Range TS -55 to +75 °C
Characteristics (1N34A)
  Symbol Test Condition (Ta25± 2°C) Min Type Max Unit
Forward Voltage IF VF = 1V 4 2 - mA
Reverse Current 1 IR VR = -10V - - 100 μA
Reverse Current 2 IR2 VR = V - - - μA
Junction Capacitance Cj f = 1MHz, V= -1V - - 1 pF
Rectification Efficiency μ Vi = 2Vrms, =50KΩ, C = 20pF, f = 40 MHz 55 - - %

Specification Sheet:

Specification Sheet

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Specifications, Files, and Documents