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Hinge - Bigsby, Extra Short, stock for B3 / B7
Colors Available:
Genuine Bigsby® replacement hinge for vibrato units. This hinge is the stock hinge used on the B7 and B3.
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      Transformer - Hammond, Low Voltage / Filament, Enclosed, 5 VCT
      • Primary 115 VAC, 60 Hz.
      • Secondary 5 C.T.
      • All secondaries center tapped, VAC (RMS)
      • Enclosed, 4 hole chassis mount.
      • Minimum 6" long leads.
      • Dual bobbin design - no electrostatic shield required.
      • Class B insulation (130 degrees C).
      • Hi-Pot test of 2,000V RMS.
      • UL listed (# E50394) & CSA certified (209651).
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      Potentiometer - Audio, Knurled Shaft, Sealed, 24mm
      Audio taper, knurled split shaft, sealed body 24mm potentiometer
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      Chemical Polishing File - Flat, clean tooth pattern
      CP files have special file tooth pattern and it keeps file clean without clogging. Easy to control and fast to file clean with light strokes.
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      Vacuum Tube - 37, Triode
      General purpose triode designed for service as an oscillator, detector, or amplifier.
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      Effects Pedal - Maxon, CP101, Compressor
      The Maxon CP101 is a classic compressor pedal that offers up to 42dB of natural sounding compression for a controlled sound with plenty of sustain. The CP101 is designed to preserve the sound of the guitar with its transparent attack and clean tone. Features
      • Clean and natural compression with little change to the original tone
      • Limiter-like effects for consistent levels.
      • Transparent pick attack and relaxed sustain for lead guitar
      • Great for bass guitars and semi-acoustic guitars
      • LED indicator for effect on/off
      • DC power or 9V battery
      • Made in Japan
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      Speaker - Celestion, 12", G12 Ruby, 35W
      The Celestion Ruby is vintage voiced alnico speaker that straddles the classic chime of the Blue and celebrated warmth of the modern Cream. The Ruby features a rich and musical frequency response with smooth, airy highs and a nuanced midrange with the natural bite found only in a vintage alnico speaker. This versatile 35 watt speaker is an excellent choice for a 4x12 cabinet and really shines in a single 12” cabinet or combo amp. The Celestion Ruby offers guitar players the ability to discover new tones within the spectrum of vintage sound.
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      Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Slimbucker, Side Mount, Jazz
      Colors Available:
      Kent Armstrong “Slimbucker” jazz pickup with slim profile (3/8" thick), side-mount configuration. Made in the style of Gibson’s early 1960’s Johnny Smith guitars with floating mini-humbucker pickups, this jazz pickup is perfect for use with traditional arch-top electric guitars. Its non-invasive mounting capabilities keep the guitar’s acoustic properties uninhibited.
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      Transformer - Hammond, Output, replacement for Yorkville / Traynor
      • Replacements for Yorkville/Traynor Amps
      • Designed for drop in replacement of original units.
      • Physically, parts were designed to look similar to original factory units (where possible).
      • Material used & design specs. were kept as close as possible to the original part to preserve the stock "tone".
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      Vacuum Tube - 5672 / DL69, Pentode
      Subminiature pentode for use as an A.F. power amplifier in portable equipment.
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      Speaker - Eminence® Patriot, 6", 620H, 20W
      Lead/Rhythm 6" guitar speaker. Warm, full, and clean tone that will make a small, thin amp sound bigger and fatter.
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      Speaker - Celestion, 12", G12T Hot 100, 100W
      With a massive 100W power rating, this speaker sits perfectly in high-power or hybrid amplifiers. It voices a modern sound with a big bass presence.
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      Pin - Bigsby, Roller, genuine replacement
      Colors Available:
      Genuine Bigsby® replacement roller pin. This roller pin is stock to the B5 and B7 vibrato units.
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      Roller - Bigsby, for B5, B7, and B12 Vibratos
      Colors Available:
      Genuine Bigsby® replacement roller for use with vibrato units. This is the stock roller for B5, B7, and B12 vibratos.
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      Tailpiece Set - Kluson, Trapeze #9, vintage
      Colors Available:
      This is the recreation of the popular Kluson® #9 tailpiece. This particular model tailpiece was preferred for many vintage era arch-top guitar builds and is still one of the best choices available today. Fits large archtop instruments with a rim thickness of 2-7/8 in. or more. Machined brass.
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      Vibramate - V5 JAM Mounting, For Jazzmaster and Jaguar
      Colors Available:
      Now you can install a Bigsby B5 Vibrato on your Jazz Master or Jaguar guitar without drilling any holes! The Vibramate V5-JAM Model Mounting Kit is designed for a Bigsby B5 Original Vibrato and will fit most Standard Jazz Master or Jaguar guitars with Stock Vibrato Bridge. The Vibramate automatically positions the Bigsby Vibrato in the proper orientation and makes a very clean finished appearance with great performance. The Vibramate V5-JAM kit includes mounting hardware for the Bigsby B5 Vibrato and utilizes your existing plate wood screws. The kit installs in minutes and eliminates the need for drilling, soldering or removing the neck. The Vibramate V5-JAM is available in Polished Stainless Steel, White Powder Coat, Black Powder Coat or 24K Gold Plating to accent your guitar the way you want! * Note: Vibramate V5 is designed for the Bigsby "Original" B5 Vibrato ONLY and will not work with other variations such as the "Licensed" B50 Model or the Import B500 Model.
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      Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Icon 57, Strat (Alnico 3)
      Slightly hotter than the 54 models, these recreations of the 1957 Strat® single coil pickups deliver a true vintage tone not available until now. Middle position reverse wound/reverse polarity to achieve noise cancellation when utilizing a 5 way switch. 42 gauge Formvar wire and Alnico III magnets. White covers.
      • Magnet Type = Alnico 3 pole pieces
      • D.C. Resistance = 5.92k Ohms
      • Inductance (henrys) = 3.61
      • Wire Type = Formvar AWG 42
      • Lead Type = cloth insulated 2 conductor
      • Polarity = normal
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      Pickup - McNelly, Tele, A5 Signature Plus
      “The Alnico 5 Signature is higher output than traditional vintage styles. Tight bass, present mids, and a conveniently subdued treble. It's there if you want it, but you're in control. If I were Leo, this is what I would have made in 1950.” –McNelly Pickups
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      Tube Converter - Yellow Jacket® YJC, for cathode-biased tubes
      The YJC is a specialized, current-limiting/voltage-conditioning adapter for use in most 20 to 100 watt amps that use 6L6, EL34, 6550 or 6V6 output tubes. The YJC is for use in amps with cathode-biased power tubes.
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      DeoxIT® Gold - Caig, Pen applicator
      Applicator: Pen, provides NO flushing action, applies 100% DeoxIT® Gold.
      Formulation: 100% DeoxIT® Gold.
      Use: When contact and connector are easily accessible. No flushing action.
      First Time Use: Depress tip on a surface for a minute or two until liquid flows. Pull out tip and reverse to speed up activating.
      Notes: Use when over spray is an issue on materials. Formulation safe on plastics. Recommend wiping off excess, leaving a thin layer. After application, if you notice a green or black discoloration (sometimes over time), this indicates it is doing its job (dissolving oxidation) and improving the connection.
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      Drill Bit - two step, for installing vintage tuners
      Two-step drill bit for drilling two-step holes. HSS material. Can be used to install vintage type tuners. 7.8 mm inner diamter, 9.9 mm outer diameter.
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      Vacuum Tube - 11MS8, Triode, Pentode
      Miniature type used in combined vertical-deflection-oscillator and vertical-deflection-amplifier applications in black and white television receivers. Requires miniature 9-contact socket.
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      Vacuum Tube - 6AJ5, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
      Miniature sharp cutoff pentode designed for use where only low plate and screen voltages are available. The 6AJ5 is especially suitable for operation at high frequencies.
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      XLR Plug - Amphenol, Thermoplastic, Machined Contacts
      XLR 3 pole male, stamped contacts, thermoplastic shell, jaws cable clamp. Plastic. Features:
      • Thermoplastic shell
      • Solder Bucket connections
      • "Jaws" Cable Retention System
      • Precision machined contacts
      • Leading first mate last break socket contact
      • Quick and easy assembly without screws
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