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Capacitor Amplifier Sets

Each amplifier requires its own unique set of capacitors, save time and get 5% off by shopping our premade capacitor sets. 


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SET-CAP-ORANGE-001Cap Set - for Orange Graphic MK II (120 watt)
Replacement electrolytic capacitor set.
Basic set includes:
  • (2) C-EC100-385
  • (2) C-ET33-450
  • (2) C-ET22-450
  • (2) C-ET10-160
  • (2) C-ET47-50
Premium set includes:
  • (2) C-EC100-385 (JJ)
  • (2) C-SA40-500 (Sprague Atom)
  • (2) C-SA16-475 (Sprague Atom)
  • (2) C-SA10-150 (Sprague Atom)
  • (2) C-SA50-50 (Sprague Atom)
Warning: Some electrolytic capacitors can store charge even after the amp has been turned off and unplugged for some time.
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