All About Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers

All About Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers

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by Gerald Weber

Gerald Weber's fourth book, All ABout Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers, draws on his extensive experience as an amp maker, repair tech, and educator, to cover a multitude of things you need to know about maintaining, repairing, and modifying guitar amps. It's the field guide to what makes American and British tube amps tick; so if you worship great tones producted by glowing glass bottles, make this book your bible. - Art Thompson, Guitar Player Magazine

Over 500 pages of all new material not found in Geral Weber's other books, or anywhere else for that matter. Tons of empirical data that de-mystifies the inner workings of tube amps to help you get the most from your amps!

You will learn

  • how tube amps work
  • electronic concepts
  • how different types of tubes work
  • the anatomy of a gain stage
  • how to resurrect a dormant tube amp
  • how to do a cap job correctly
  • modifications to preserve your amp
  • how to voice an amp and tune the reverb
  • how to build an amp
  • how to recover a cabinet
  • how to re-grill a baffleboard
  • how to buy a vintage amp
  • common wiring mistakes and idiosyncrasies found in vintage amps.

And you get a couple of hundred pages of Questions and Answers – sectioned off into Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Danelectro/Silvertone, Vox, Other American, Other British and Miscellaneous Topics. You will learn the six dreaded tone killers and how to avoid them, the top ten amp-tone tips, and how to fine-tune your entire amp setup. In short, you will have the knowledge needed to squeeze your amp’s performance "from lame to insane."

By Gerald Weber. Foreward by Art Thompson.

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